New to Fencing?

Do you want to play with swords?

Fencing: Deadly combat for centuries, but now we train for Olympic Gold! Fencing gives you the reflexes of a boxer, the legs of a high jumper, and the mental agility and concentration of a chess champion. Develop strength, endurance, agility, speed, and cunning wtih a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime. Join us at the Seacoast Fencing Club and get in on the fun today!

Our young fencerWhere to start: Our Beginner’s Classes are designed for interested fencers of all ages.

Duration: Classes meet for 1-hour sessions weekly for 9 weeks.

Fee: Click on Prices in the menu on the top of the home page for current rates.  Beginning class  tuition includes the use of necessary equipment (fencing jacket, mask, glove, foil).

Start date & time: New classes start every month. For specific dates, see the information our home page.

How do I sign up? Contact us at or (603)428-7040

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fencing dangerous? Fencing is very safe.  Of all the Olympic sports, fencing’s injury rate is below that of badminton!  We take every precaution to avoid injures. With our focus on proper warm up and proper form, our fencers rarely get injuries at the club or at competitions. Our most competitive fencers may end a practice with a few dime-sized bruises, but that’s about it.

Is my child old enough to fence? Our fencers start as young as 7 years-old, and on rare cases at 6 years-old, usually a child of current fencers. Contact us if you would like to double check.

Can I take the class with my child? Most definitely. We have many child-parent pairs in our classes before and they all enjoyed sharing the learning experience together.

I am not in the best shape. Can I fence? Fencing is for all shapes and sizes, and is a great way to burn a few calories.

What should I wear? Wear anything you are comfortable in and can move around freely in. Sweat pants, jeans, khakis for the bottom and athletic shoes with a non-marking sole for footwear will do. However, tights, tight jeans, baggy pants and heeled or clunky shoes are discouraged as they either do not offer proper protection or will hinder your movement.

What kind of equipment will I need? For the Beginner’s Class, the tuition includes the use of all the equipment you will need (fencing mask, fencing jacket, glove and foil.

Is a USA Fencing membership required to take a Beginner’s Class? Yes. USA Fencing requires at least a non-competitive membership for everyone, including new beginning students. This costs $10, and will last until the end of the season.

I have fenced before. Do I need to take the Beginner’s Class again? Please contact us.

Got other questions? Contact us at or (603)428-7040