Competitive Training

The competitive training program is for fencers who have completed the intermediate class.  You need your own equipment, and should plan to participate in club & US Fencing Association’s (USFA) competitions.  Membership in any training program gives you unlimited access to both clubs.

We have training programs for three different age groups, concentrating on the skills, attitude, and competitive development that prepare you for your future in the sport of fencing – and for life!

Junior and Adult Training ( Age 14+) Meets one to three times a week.  We start each practice with 15 minutes of  physical conditioning, 25 minute footwork sessions, ten minutes of  drilling.  Then bout until closing!  Less experienced fencers take the advanced class once a week.   Serious competitors participating in local and national USFA meets can add weekly private lessons.

Youth Training (Ages 12 to 14) Meets one to two times a week for 75 minutes.  Designed to develop (in a supportive setting) sportsmanship, coordination, and fencing  skills.  They can also take the advanced class to upgrade their skill sets.  Serious fencers may also add a day of junior and adult training as well as private lessons.

Children’s Training (Ages 7 – 12) Develops (in a supportive setting) fencing  skills, coordination, and sportsmanship.  Meets one to two times a week for 45 to 60 minutes (depending on how many show up that day). Each will get a weekly five minute private lesson.  Masks and jackets are available.

Additional Coaching

Private Lessons  SFC has very experienced  coaches available to provide  private lessons in all three weapons – two are former medalists at World Championships!   They are sub-contractors, and you pay them directly, usually in ten lesson blocks.

Coaching at Tournament  The Head Coach attends selected national and regional meets, with expenses covered by the fencers and the Coaching Fund. Coaching at international World Cups is also available, and at Cadet, Junior, and Senior World Championships.

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