Seacoast Fencers, we have our Rochester club will be hosting the third SFC Team Meet coming up in a couple weeks, on Saturday, March 18.  It is a chance to get the two clubs together and fence those who you don’t often get a chance to bout.  You must be a member of Seacoast Fencing Club, or regularly train with us to enter.  To sign up for this meet, use the google spreadsheet link below.

All six team events will start at 10:00 am, and will use the collegiate team format:  Four Mixed Foil events- Y10, Y12, Y14, and Unclassified.  Open Mixed Epee and Open Mixed Saber will also start at 10:00 am. I expect all the events will be done by 2:00 pm.

Directors will be provided for the Y10 event, and if I can get enough directors, for the Y12.  The Y14, Unclassified, Epee, and Saber team events will be self-directed.  Events with directors will be $20, self-directed events will be $15.  You can enter multiple events.

Electric rental gear will be available, $10 for a weapon, $10 for a lame, and $15 for both.  You will need your own body cord (you can buy them at the event).

Rated foil fencers, please volunteer to come in and direct the younger fencers- you will get the usual Northeast Division pay.  The younger fencers need your help to develop their game.

Spring Term Tuition Due

Spring term starts this Wednesday, March 1.  Please bring a check payable to Seacoast Fencing Club (or cash) to the first meeting you attend.  You must be a member of USA Fencing.  You can join online at  I recommend a competitive membership, so you can fence in the many tournaments in New Hampshire and neighboring states.

We may still have snow and ice storms.  We will always close during these events, as I don’t believe anyone should risk their lives coming to fencing.  I will send emails and post on this website whenever we close due to weather conditions.

The prices for Spring Term are below (three months: March, April, May)

Children (ages 7 to 12) $260

Youth (ages 12-14) $275

Junior/Adult (14 -74) $290

Advanced Class $90    Tuesdays in Rochester, Mondays in Manchester, both  7:45-8:15 pm.  This class is recommended for all new Youth, Junior, and Adult fencers, and is the most economical way to start fencing at a higher level.

Seacoast Fencers Results on Saturday

Seacoast had another excellent weekend for our fencers.  Our Rochester club hosted a D tournament this Saturday with 67 competitors, which included the largest women’s foil event that our division has had in over a year.  We drew fencers from as far away as New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, as well as the neighboring states of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine.  Seventeen Seacoast fencers competed, and three of our junior’s went home with medals. 

Our best result was a silver medal by Hannah McPherson in the Women’s Foil D.  She fought a hard battle in the final, scoring three touches in a row to tie the bout at 14-14.  Unfortunately, her run ended, and she finished in second place.

In the Mixed Epee D, our fencers tied for third.  Brian Austin and Solomon Bixby fenced well, but ultimately lost in the semi-finals.  However, Brian earned his first rating with this finish, and is now an E-17, while Solomon re-earned his rating.  Congratulations to these three, and to all the Seacoast members who entered, and through competition, became better fencers.


A Busy Weekend of Fencing

This past weekend, eight Seacoast fencers competed in events in three states: a National tournament in Richmond, VA, an NCAA team meet at Brandeis in Massachusetts, and a local event in Concord, NH.

Two Seacoast fencers competed in the veteran events at the Richmond Virginia NAC this past weekend.  Ida Choy fenced each of the four days, in two women’s foil and two women’s epee events.  On Friday, her first day of fencing, Ida just missed a medal in the 40+Veteran Women’s Epee, finishing 9th. But on Sunday, Ida started her foil events, and earned a 6th place medal in the 40+Veteran Women’s Foil.  And on Monday, Ida received her second medal, with another 6th place finish in Veteran Women’s Foil.

On Sunday, Gerry just missed the medal rounds,  with a 9th place finish in the 70+Veteran Men’s Epee.

And in NCAA competitions, Sam Wood defeated a 2016  All American saber fencer in a big NCAA meet this weekend at Brandeis University, helping her Yale team beat all five of the other college teams there.   And Sam got a mention in the Yale press release below.

In local tournaments, Seacoast fencers had five top eight finishes, and earned two medals  in the E meet at the Concord Fencing Club.  Gabe Tarbuck was undefeated in the pools, and  finished 3rd in the Mixed Epee E, and Mike Houst finished seventh.  In the Mixed Foil E, Casey Wohlers (also undefeated in the pools) finished sixth.  And in the Women’s Foil E, Hannah McPherson finished third, and Maddie Geier finished fifth.

Congratulations to all our fencers!