Seacoast Fencers & Parents,

We are allowed to reopen on Monday, June 1 in Manchester, and Tuesday, June 2 in Rochester. Those who paid the Spring Dues can fence in June at no charge to make up for the time we were closed by order of the Governor.

Please indicate what days you plan to fence in June.  We will have (if I can get it) hand sanitizer at the entry door for everyone.   Fencers should wear face masks during warm ups, stretching, and footwork.  We can see if fencing in face masks is workable.  I will require no physical contact and six feet of distance between fencers- the normal distance between fencers- no infighting allowed.

Non fencers must wear face masks if waiting inside- they can wait in their cars if they prefer.

Hopefully, we can reopen safely on June 1st & 2nd.

Please put the name of the fencer under each day of the week you plan to fence in June using the google spreadsheet below.  All three age groups are being offered (Children, Youth, and Junior/Adult)- but we must have four signed up to offer that age group’s meeting on that day.

I hope to see all of you on Monday, June 1st!

When Will We Fence Again?

Well, it appears that the Governor’s opening up businesses in NH does not include fencing. We will have to remain shut down until May 31.

I will send out an email this week with a link to a google doc to see if there is interest in weekly group call in phone lessons (not video).  I plan to start the lessons at 6:30 pm.  Pick which days will work for you- I will hold the lesson on whatever day the most people selected.

First will be hydration, diet, and nutrition- during this shut down, normal activities may have led to some, shall we  say, less than stellar decisions on that front.   Second will be a discussion on tactical and strategic theory and implementation.  Third will be on directing bouts (yes, I know we covered that earlier in the season).  Read the rule book before that class!  The fourth will be how to prepare for a competition.   Hopefully, we will come back to the club and start fencing again on Monday, June 1.

I miss working with all of you!

No Fencing Through May 4

Governor Sununu has shut down all non-essential businesses in New Hampshire through Monday, May 4.  Unfortunately, fencing clubs are included in that category.  So there will not be any fencing at our facilities in Manchester and Rochester until May 4.

Hopefully, we will be able to reopen on Tuesday, May 5.  All ongoing classes will be completed as soon as we reopen.  But this is a fluid situation, and when things improve, or if the shut down is extended, I will post that information on this web site.

The club has enough cash on hand to cover the next two month’s expenses.  If we are able to reopen in May, we will be able to start a new set of classes, which will help get us through summer.  So if you know anyone who might be interested in learning to fence, please have them contact me at, or call me at 603/428-7040.  The club you save may be your own!

Keep as active as you can:  running, walking, biking.  And remember to stretch! I hope to see all of you in May.  Stay healthy!


All Fencing in the US to Stop Immediately

The National Office of USA Fencing has just issued a directive that all fencing activities in the United States is to stop for three weeks starting March 18 and ending April 6.  We must close both the Manchester and Rochester facilities at least until April 6This may be extended. If it does, I will post any new information here.  Below is the directive from the national office.

In order to protect the health and safety of all of our members – including athletes, coaches, staff and their families – clubs should suspend practices, lessons and gathering for the next three weeks. This applies to any club activity, including group sessions as well as individual lessons. In consultation with our insurance carrier, we will not be providing insurance coverage for Member Clubs beginning March 18 and continuing through at least April 6. Coaches at Affiliate Clubs will not have liability insurance coverage for the same period of times. 

All students currently taking beginning and intermediate classes will get all nine classes for which they have paid.  I will notify you when the classes can resume.

I will not be sending the Friday email (requesting feedback from the fencers and their families) as stated in the earlier posting.

I recommend running, walking, biking as a means of keeping up with physical activities during this time.  Stay home, stay active, and stay healthy.


Seacoast Fencing and Corona Virus

Things have been changing rapidly on the corona virus front.  Sunday, I went to the Manchester club and mopped the floors, and sprayed all the masks, bathroom fixtures and door knobs.  I also went to the Rochester club, and did the same, except for the mopping, which will be done today (there wouldn’t have been time for the floors to dry before classes started).

But last night, the governor closed all the schools, and more reports came out about what segment of the population is most vulnerable.  One group, those 60 or 65, affects me- I am 68.

I have decided to close the club until the statewide closure of schools ends, or the consensus on exposure and self quarantining changes.  To that end, starting this coming Friday, I will be sending out a google spreadsheet every Friday, where the fencers and their families can indicate whether they want the club to remain closed or reopen.

The classes scheduled to start the first week of April will be pushed back to the first week of May.

I am sorry I am taking these steps, as my original belief that coming to the club would be a beneficial relief from the social isolation that we are all experiencing led to my first decision to stay open. The continued and escalating concerns have prompted my decision.

Stay home and stay safe- I hope all of us will go through this crisis in good health.