Winter Term at Seacoast

We start the Winter Term (December, January, and February) at Seacoast on Tuesday, December 1st. At this point, there are no changes to the training groups (see below). The tuition will remain the same, and the days during which we are open are also unchanged. All age groups will meet on the days we are open in each club, with Children joining the Youth Training. Covid-19 rules are still in place.

Please bring the tuition to the first meeting. Cash is accepted, and checks should be payable to Seacoast Fencing Club. Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards.

Manchester Schedule Mondays and Wednesdays

Children and Youths 6:30 to 7:45 pm
Juniors and Adults       7:00 to 9:00 pm 

Most of the epee fencers have chosen to meet on Wednesday evenings, but foil and epee fencers will meet on both Mondays and Wednesdays.

Rochester ScheduleTuesdays and Thursdays

Children and Youths     6:30 to 7:45 pm
Juniors and Adults      7:00 to 9:00 pm 

All Seacoast fencers can come to both the Manchester and Rochester locations if they want to pick up an extra day of fencing (with new mix of fencers). No extra charge.  

As always, we are happy to stay an extra half hour if fencers want more time on the strip!

Tuition for the three month Fall Term  (September, October, and November)
Children       $325
Youth             $340
Junior            $365
Adult              $365

Advanced Class     $100 (a great way to learn more offensive and defensive techniques for newer and younger fencers).  Meets once a week for 30 minutes, for nine classes, 7:45 to 8:15 pm.  Manchester on Mondays and Rochester on Thursdays.

Holiday Schedule at Seacoast

The holiday season is upon us. Christmas and New Years Day fall on Friday, both days which we are already closed, so they will not impact our schedule.

Both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve fall on Thursdays, so the Rochester will be closed on both days. The Manchester youth fencers will not be meeting on Wednesday, December 23, but will meet on the following Wednesday (12/30). I will see what the junior and adult fencers want to do on those two Wednesdays. The beginning and intermediate students will make their decisions on their Wednesday classes with their instructors.

Happy Holidays!

SFC Team Meet Now On Saturday, Dec 12

The second Seacoast team meet will be held on Saturday, December 12, at the Rochester facility.  After some discussion with various parents, the date of the team meet is being pushed back one week due to the possible ramifications of family gatherings at Thanksgiving. The 5th would be in the middle of any Covid-19 infection that could have occurred during gatherings during a Thanksgiving celebration. December 12 is well past the 14 day contagion period.

All events will be scored electrically, and will follow the collegiate format, where each bout is for five touches.  You must have your own body cord, and you can buy them at the meet for $30.  

Electric equipment will be available for rent ($10 for a weapon, $10 for lame). And we willhave knickers available as well (no charge- but you must take them home and wash them, and bring them to the next club meeting).
Below are the steps for signing up for this meet.

See you on the 5th!

Rochester School Students

No one has emailed that they were contacted by the schools or the health officials that they were in close contact with any of the students in the Rochester school system had Covid-19, nor that any of our fencers tested positive.  

So all of you can come back and fence tonight!

These are difficult times with the pandemic, and it is my belief that it will always better to err on the side of our fencers’ health.  Thank you  for your cooperation last week.

Covid-19: Rochester Students- Stay at Home Nov 3 & 5

I was just forwarded an email from the Rochester school system  that several individuals across the district tested positive for COVID-19, and that all students have been ordered home. Contact tracing calls will be completed by Friday, Nov 6.  If you do not receive a call from DHHS by then, this means you have not been identified as a close contact and you are not required to quarantine.

So to keep this all under control at the club, I am afraid I will have to ask all the Rochester students to stay home this week, and to let me know if they were contacted as a possible covid case.  

If you get a Covid-19 test this week, please send me the results. If you are contacted by the school or other medical authority, and told you are at risk, please let me know.

Hopefully, you all will all be able to come back to the club next week.  So unless you get tested and have a negative result, please stay home until next week. I am emailing all the Rochester fencers about this today, and will do so again this weekend about what I have heard from the students & their parents, and what decision I make about next week.