Group Classes

Group lessons are taught with foils, the standard initial training weapon for fencers, and are offered at three levels. Classes are for those as young as 7, and as old as 70. Classes meet once a week for nine weeks. See our “Prices” page for class costs.

Beginning: An introduction to the sport of fencing. Classes meet nine times for 60 minutes. You will learn the basic skills, movements, and terminology, including attacks and defenses. After this class, you will know if this is the sport for you. All necessary equipment is provided.

Intermediate: You will learn the tactical and bouting styles needed to compete in the club. The classes are 75 minutes long. This class is taken twice: the first time to learn what to do, the second to focus on technique and to better understand why and when to do the action. The first time students drill with the more experienced fencers in the class, setting the tone of the club – everyone is here to help each other become the best they can be. Students need to buy their own glove and foil for this class so they can practice at home. After successful completion of this class, students join a training program and fence in club and team meets.

Advanced: A half hour class that extends your knowledge of offensive and defensive strategies, tactics, and skills needed for completion at both the club level and in USFA competitions in the Northeast Division and nationally. Open to fencers in the Youth and Junior/Adult Training Programs.