It has been brought to my attention that many of you do not know how to find upcoming events in our area that you or your child may want to enter, with enough lead time to fit it into your busy schedules (as a parent of two, I know how that can be difficult.

Our division hosts a lot of tournaments for its size, and under eight categories. I just mention events of interest the club meeting before the registration deadline, just as a reminder to those already aware of the meets, but may have forgotten to pre-register on AskFred. But the website most of the country uses to sign up for tournaments has an easy way to look up events of interest.

To check out upcoming meets of interest, go to homepage, and on the top bar, click on upcoming tournaments. That will pull up an internal search engine for meets. Under divisions, select Northeast (our division), and that will pull up all the tournaments that are scheduled in our area (Maine and New Hampshire). Click on the ones you are interested in, and preregister for the ones you decide to enter.

You can also limit the selection to a specific age group, or ratings level. Or you can widen your search to New England (MA & RI), Green Mountain (VT), or to any other division in the US.