Jacob Scruton, who trains at the Seacoast Fencing Club in Rochester, NH, went to his second Junior Olympics in Portland, Oregon this weekend, and finished 32nd in Cadet Men’s Foil (fencers 16 years old and younger). This puts Jacob on the National Point Standings, and is now ranked as the 55th best U17 foil fencer in the United States. While winning only half his bouts in the first round, and seeded 107, he won his first three elimination bouts, moving from the round of 256 into the round of 32 (winning his last bout by a score of 15-5). Jacob was defeated in his next bout, against the fencer who finished ninth.

Then on Monday, Jacob finished 54th in Junior Men’s Foil, which puts him on the Junior National Point Standings as the 118th best U20 foil fencer in the country. His future looks bright, as he has four more years of eligibility in that age group.

To put these results in perspective, Jacob is a D fencer. He was the only D fencer to make the top 32 in U17 foil, ahead of 8 A fencers, and 38 B fencers. Quite an upset for those highly ranked 46 fencers who finished below him. He also had the best finish of any D fencer in the U20 foil, and was the only D to finish in the top 75. I think it is safe to say that Jacob is the best D rated Junior or Cadet foil fencer in in the United States. Congratulations, Jacob!