Seacoast Fencing Club members had an outstanding day at the “Pi Day” Five Weapon E meet we hosted this Saturday at our Rochester NH facility.  The meet drew 70 fencers from Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.  Seacoast fencers won three of the five events, with Connor McLaughlin going undefeated in the mixed Foil, and taking the gold medal.   Samantha Wood earned the bronze medal, losing to her teammate Connor in the semifinals.  Samantha then matched Connor by also going undefeated women’s foil, and getting her own gold medal.  Peter Bixby won the mixed epee, with fellow Seacoast fencer Brian Austin finishing third.  Scott Colati spent the morning directing the mixed foil, and then entered the mixed saber, where he took the silver medal.

Connor McLaughlin earned his D 2015 rating in foil, and Peter Bixby earned his D 2015 rating in Epee (the only two D ratings given out).  Brian Austin received his E 2015 in Epee, and  Samantha Wood earned her E 2015 in foil twice, with her bronze medal in the mixed and her gold in women’s!

So congratulations to all our fencers, and many thanks to the officials who made this event possible:  Ida Choy, Scott Colati, Justin Meyers, Cam Borgal, Azaline Dunlap-Smith, Josh Berk, Barry Litt, and Jess Wood for managing the meet.