This Saturday, the Concord Fencing Club hosted a qualifying tournament for the United State Fencing Association’s Summer National Championships.  The top three finishers in each event will qualify to go to the National Championships, June 29 to July 8, in Dallas Texas. The Seacoast Fencing Club, which operates out of Manchester and Rochester, NH, had a great day, with their fencers winning all five contested events.  In Division 2 men’s foil, Jacob Scruton, a high school student from Farmington, had an intense battle in the gold medal bout with Cameron Borgal, a fencer with the UNH Fencing Club.  Jacob was down 9-14 in the final period, but scored six straight points to win 15-14.   

Solomon Bixby, from Dover, NH led a medal sweep for Seacoast in Y14 men’s foil, winning gold, with Casey Wohlers, from Rochester, who took second.  Simon Leary, from Hudson, mounted his own comeback, down 10-14 in the bronze medal bout with Concord fencer Ryan Ohrwashel, and fought back to win 15-14, taking third.  Two hours later, Solomon capped a perfect day by winning the Y14 men’s epee, having never lost a bout in either of his two events.  His father, Peter Bixby, won the Division 2 men’s epee earlier that afternoon.  In the only contested women’s event, Samantha Wood, from Wolfeboro, had only nine points scored against her, and went undefeated in Division 2 women’s foil, beating fellow Seacoast fencer Hannah McPherson, from Pelham in the final.