Seacoast Fencing Club hosted a very successful unrated tournament in Rochester this past Saturday, and our fencers did an outstanding job.  We earned a third of all the E ratings given out, with Nick Demers, from our Manchester club, winning one of the Mixed Foil events, and Mike Houst, from our Rochester club, winning one of the Mixed Epee events.  Congratulations to both of them on a fine day of fencing.

Seacoast fencers also took two silver medals: Maddie Geier (Rochester) was second in Women’s Epee, and Ryan McKenzie (Manchester) was second in Mixed Epee.  We also earned four bronze medals: Ryan McKenzie (Manchester) in the earlier Mixed Epee, Hannah McPherson (Manchester) in Mixed Foil, and Katie Austin (Rochester) and Caroline Hayes (Manchester) tying for third in Women’s Epee.

This was a very well attended event, with fencers coming from three different clubs in New Hampshire, as well as fencers from Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  We held three unrated foil events and three unrated epee events, and were able to give six fencers their first rating.  And Seacoast fencers won a third of all the medals awarded!   Everyone had a great experience, with highly competitive bouts in every event.