The second Seacoast team meet will be held on Saturday, December 12, at the Rochester facility.  After some discussion with various parents, the date of the team meet is being pushed back one week due to the possible ramifications of family gatherings at Thanksgiving. The 5th would be in the middle of any Covid-19 infection that could have occurred during gatherings during a Thanksgiving celebration. December 12 is well past the 14 day contagion period.

All events will be scored electrically, and will follow the collegiate format, where each bout is for five touches.  You must have your own body cord, and you can buy them at the meet for $30.  

Electric equipment will be available for rent ($10 for a weapon, $10 for lame). And we willhave knickers available as well (no charge- but you must take them home and wash them, and bring them to the next club meeting).
Below are the steps for signing up for this meet.

See you on the 5th!