The third Seacoast team meet will be held on Saturday, January 23, at the Rochester facility (261 North Main St).  This is only for members of the Seacoast Fencing Club in either Rochester or Manchester. If we have enough entries for more than two teams, it will be strictly a team format. If there are only two teams, we will have an individual event, which will then be used to seed the two teams. FYI- As long as we have at least five entries in an event, I can make teams. If an event has fewer than five fencers signed up by Friday morning I will cancel that event, and email the preregistered fencers of that action.

All events will be scored electrically, and the teams will follow the collegiate format, where each bout is for five touches, and each team member bouts with all the fencers of the opposing team.  You must have your own body cord, and you can buy them at the meet for $30.  

Electric equipment will be available for rent ($10 for a weapon, $10 for lame). And we will have knickers available as well (no charge- but you must take them home and wash them, and bring them to the next club meeting).

Below are the steps for signing up for this meet.

Seacoast Team Meet, Saturday January 23rd in Rochester NH – Google Sheets

See you on the 23rd!