After spending 12 days in hot, humid Philadelphia (the temperatures reached 100 degrees at times), where I had to wear a breath mask while coaching at the National Championships for hours, I can sympathize with those who really don’t want to wear face coverings at the club. But I have lived my life striving to never create a situation where someone could get harmed by something I did, or did not do that I should have.

For that reason, while the Governor has dropped all the Covid-19 restrictions that have been in place from June 2020 to June 2021, private businesses can take thoughtful steps to protect those people with whom we are in contact. The delta variant of Covid-19 is more dangerous and more contagious than the previous virus, and it is triggering a surge of cases that is striking the unvaccinated.  We will maintain all the procedures that have been in place since we reopened Seacoast Fencing Club in June 2020.

Click on the Covid-19 tab at the top right of this page for those procedures.