We will be having our end of season team meet this coming Sunday, May 22. This is limited to only Seacoast Fencers from our Rochester and Manchester location (no other clubs). It is a chance for our two venues to gather and get to know each other. It is also for all of our new fencers from each club to have their first electric competition, so they can both learn how it differs from bouts in practice, and to see our most junior and adult fencers compete and use the skills they developed during training.

I will endeavor to mix the teams with fencers from each club, and to keep the teams as balanced as possible. The format will be the collegiate team format, where every fencer on a team fences all the fencers on the opposing team, but not their own. If there are only enough fencers for two teams, we will hold an individual event after the team event. We will try to keep all the events to 3 hours.

All bouts will be electrically scored, and for those without electric equipment, we will have it available for rent ($10 for a foil, an $10 for a lame). Knickers will be available to those without (no charge). Entry fee is $15 for all events, plus a $5 director fee for the youth and cadet events ($20 total).

I look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday. The link to sign up is below.

SFC Team Meet – Google Sheets