We hosted the Junior Olympic Qualifiers this past Saturday (December  7), and Seacoast had a great day of fencing.  SFC fencers won all four contested events:  Liam Higgins won the Junior Men’s Saber, Jacob Scruton won the Cadet Men’s Foil, and Sam Wood won both the Cadet and Junior Women’s Foil.  Congratulations to the three of them!

Of the 24 entries, 19 were from Seacoast, so it is no surprise that SFC fencers were the vast majority of those who are now qualified to go to the 2014 Junior Olympics, which will be held this February in Portland, Oregon.  While not all who qualified will actually go to Oregon to compete, fourteen Seacoast fencers qualified this Saturday. 

And we would like to thank the two UNH fencers who did a great job directing for us, Kate Dusenberre and Cam Borgal.