Seacoast Fencers,
Our second Seacoast Team Meet is next weekend, Saturday, January 11, at our club in Rochester NH.  So it is time to sign up for our first fencing opportunity of the New Year!  Do so on (see the link below).
Pre-registration closes on Wednesday, January 8, but please don’t wait to the last minute- your coach gets nervous (plus he has to line up director/coaches).
This is a great way to start 2014, and interact with the Seacoast fencers our other club.  You don’t have to be a competitive member of the USFA, as this is a club meet.  It will be all electric (rental gear will be available).  If you are new to the training groups, this is your first opportunity to try electric competition- don’t miss it! 
Unclassified foil, 14 and under, 12 and under, and 10 and under are all happening at 10:00 am.  Three round of fencing (if we have enough teams), each taking about an hour.  Be there between 9:15 and 9:30 to register and to have time to warm up.  Collegiate format- each member of your team fences a five touch bout with each member of the opposing team.
In the afternoon, we will have the rated foil, epee, and saber team events, starting at about 1:30 pm (30 minutes after the morning events are over).  These will be FIE relay format.
Experienced fencers, come in and direct the morning events, and you can fence the afternoon relay events for free!  Lunch will be provided.  The new fencers need your expertise to make their event a good experience.  And remember, you had this benefit when you were first starting out. 
Entry fee is $15, plus a director fee of $5.
Rental gear is available for $15 (electric foil and lame)
You will need your own body cord ($35), and underarm protector ($20), but you keep these.
Chris Pullo
Head Coach