We had a very good day of fencing this past weekend at our Rochester facility.  We had 52 entries, and for the first time ever, our saber event was the largest of the entire day, and earned a C2017 for the winner!

Two Seacoast fencers from Rochester did well, with Gabe Tarbuck earning his C2017 by finishing third in the Mixed Epee.  Ida Choy also did very well, finishing third in Mixed Foil.  Congratulations to both our fencers!

The next event we will host in Rochester will be the Five Weapon E meet on Saturday, June 3.  Be sure to sign up if you are an E fencer or unrated (and born 2003 or earlier).  You can sign up on this link:


We will need directors for that day, so if you are a D or higher rated fencer, please consider offering to direct that day.