Fencers and Families,

At this point, I am keeping the Seacoast Fencing Club open, but check the Seacoast Fencing Club Website (or your email) before coming to the club for any change to that decision.

First of all, as long as the club remains open, email me ASAP if the fencer or a family member shows signs of illness- fever, coughing, sneezing,  or run down. And stay home!

Second, while at the club, keep six feet of distance between fencers while warming up and stretching.

Footwork drills will be adjusted to maintain the recommended distance.

Do not touch other people- no hand shaking, or elbow bumps (I personally like the martial arts bow).

Fencing usually keeps the recommended six to eight feet of distance. For the duration, do not fleche, and avoid infighting.