Things have been changing rapidly on the corona virus front.  Sunday, I went to the Manchester club and mopped the floors, and sprayed all the masks, bathroom fixtures and door knobs.  I also went to the Rochester club, and did the same, except for the mopping, which will be done today (there wouldn’t have been time for the floors to dry before classes started).

But last night, the governor closed all the schools, and more reports came out about what segment of the population is most vulnerable.  One group, those 60 or 65, affects me- I am 68.

I have decided to close the club until the statewide closure of schools ends, or the consensus on exposure and self quarantining changes.  To that end, starting this coming Friday, I will be sending out a google spreadsheet every Friday, where the fencers and their families can indicate whether they want the club to remain closed or reopen.

The classes scheduled to start the first week of April will be pushed back to the first week of May.

I am sorry I am taking these steps, as my original belief that coming to the club would be a beneficial relief from the social isolation that we are all experiencing led to my first decision to stay open. The continued and escalating concerns have prompted my decision.

Stay home and stay safe- I hope all of us will go through this crisis in good health.