Governor Sununu has shut down all non-essential businesses in New Hampshire through Monday, May 4.  Unfortunately, fencing clubs are included in that category.  So there will not be any fencing at our facilities in Manchester and Rochester until May 4.

Hopefully, we will be able to reopen on Tuesday, May 5.  All ongoing classes will be completed as soon as we reopen.  But this is a fluid situation, and when things improve, or if the shut down is extended, I will post that information on this web site.

The club has enough cash on hand to cover the next two month’s expenses.  If we are able to reopen in May, we will be able to start a new set of classes, which will help get us through summer.  So if you know anyone who might be interested in learning to fence, please have them contact me at, or call me at 603/428-7040.  The club you save may be your own!

Keep as active as you can:  running, walking, biking.  And remember to stretch! I hope to see all of you in May.  Stay healthy!