Well, it appears that the Governor’s opening up businesses in NH does not include fencing. We will have to remain shut down until May 31.

I will send out an email this week with a link to a google doc to see if there is interest in weekly group call in phone lessons (not video).  I plan to start the lessons at 6:30 pm.  Pick which days will work for you- I will hold the lesson on whatever day the most people selected.

First will be hydration, diet, and nutrition- during this shut down, normal activities may have led to some, shall we  say, less than stellar decisions on that front.   Second will be a discussion on tactical and strategic theory and implementation.  Third will be on directing bouts (yes, I know we covered that earlier in the season).  Read the rule book before that class!  The fourth will be how to prepare for a competition.   Hopefully, we will come back to the club and start fencing again on Monday, June 1.

I miss working with all of you!