We are allowed to reopen on Monday, June 1 in Manchester, and Tuesday, June 2 in Rochester. Those who paid the Spring Dues can fence in June at no charge to make up for the time we were closed by order of the Governor.

Please indicate what days you plan to fence in June.  We will have (if I can get it) hand sanitizer at the entry door for everyone.   Fencers should wear face masks during warm ups, stretching, and footwork.  We can see if fencing in face masks is workable.  I will require no physical contact and six feet of distance between fencers- the normal distance between fencers- no infighting allowed.

Non fencers must wear face masks if waiting inside- they can wait in their cars if they prefer.

Hopefully, we can reopen safely on June 1st & 2nd.

Please put the name of the fencer under each day of the week you plan to fence in June using the google spreadsheet below.  All three age groups are being offered (Children, Youth, and Junior/Adult)- but we must have four signed up to offer that age group’s meeting on that day.

I hope to see all of you on Monday, June 1st!